Co- curricular activities in schools

Co curricular activities help students build some practical skills which mere syllabus fail to give. It also fosters good physical and mental health of the students. Competitions provide self-motivation and helps building leadership qualities. When spending time in a team, they tend to acquire team work attributes.

Yuvabharathi Public School, Coimbatore encourages wide array of activities comfortable for students to choose their interest. Competitions are conducted regularly and appropriate recognition is rendered for best performers.

Crackerless Diwali

We have planned for a crackerless Diwali at Yuvabharathi Public School. Take a look at our concept at

Cultural concerns at Yuvabharathi Public School.

It is important the young minds are trained in international standards since they require technical skills to meet with the challenges of Twenty-first century. At the same time equally important is our understanding for our own culture and tradition. In this period of increasing inclination towards the Western culture, forthcoming generations should never miss to acquire the essence of social, political and cultural frame of our ancestors.

Yuvabharathi School makes it a point to make children recognise that they belong to a rich artistic tradition. Art and Craft, drama, music and the delight in celebrating Tamil festivals are greatly encouraged here.

Social Responsibility

We are primarily an integral part of the society we live in. It is essential that students have the social concerns and global consciousness. Developing the sensitivity to those who are in need, knowledge about the increasing social problems, participating and showing support towards social initiatives are some aspects of becoming socially aware.

      We – at Yuvabharathi Public School, Coimbatore – take an exclusive care to ensure that our students are conscious of what is public outside their comfort zone. Apart from the recognition of the social issues, they are encouraged to afford for an apt solution for it. We reach out to prepare socially responsible citizens.

Yuvabharathi Public School featured in ‘The Hindu’

Glad to share that we were featured in The Hindu Metroplus, Coimbatore dated 22nd Oct, 2013.The article applauds the Grandparents Day celebration held in our Yuvabharathi Public School, Coimbatore and the necessity of inculcating the habit of respecting elders in present ‘social fabric’. The article is named ‘Unspoken truth’ obviously denoting the unspoken words of the grandparents that filled the auditorium.