Crackerless Diwali

We have planned for a crackerless Diwali at Yuvabharathi Public School. Take a look at our concept at

One thought on “Crackerless Diwali

  1. On a contrast … I have seen a bunch of Indians never appreciate the hardworking parents wife brothers and husbands. I would like to share that I was one of them. Not any more, I worked for a while during my schooling, which taught me a lot of things. I am against forced child labor not against children willing to work to support themselves. I have seen people who started to work at 17 … Parents couldn’t afford .. So he took initiative an did a lot of things which made him what he is now…. Not all who had the opportunity to go to school learned something and did something in life. I respect willing hardwork.

    I agree that there is other perspective which you portrayed in your picture also.. We as a community should find the right balance between both of these ideas…

    Happy “cracker less” Diwali…

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