Cyber Workshop in Yuvabharathi Public School, Coimbatore

Social media has evolved to be an ultimate necessity in present world. As a coin has two sides, so does every new invention has its own pros and cons. Students, unfortunately fall a victim to its evils. Though social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter has minimum age eligibility to register, it is not a difficult task for a student to form a fake id.

Students are attracted towards it’s simplified way of connecting to number of people at one point of time and spend time unnecessarily in the entertainment it provides. It is no less a time killer than Television. It is important parents are aware of the activities of their children.
Yuvabharathi Public school conducted a cyber workshop where the evils of social media were explained to the students by a resource person – Mr. Ravichandran (Cyber Crime). He is a member in Cyber society of India, also he is an advisor to Cyber Department of Police,Coimbatore. Such workshops definitely serve a eye-opening to the young minds.

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