Books are boon

School Libraries are usually the initial step towards the reading habit that would last till our later ages in life. Reading is considered to foster communication skills and become learners all time. They get an exposure to variety of texts and thereby triggered to the habit of reading. If adequate time is not spent in Library, the acquisition of knowledge would be limited to classroom and textbooks alone.

School days are the right time and age for any student to inculcate the habit of wide reading. Gradually the habit would make you read variety of books that would update you with knowledge and maturity. As an initial step, go on search of variety of subjects in the Library and find out what subject particularly retains your attention. Get to read more and more books in that area. Get a membership from your local public library and go ahead extracting your interests.

Once you get to know the feeling of pleasure that a new book could give you and then you are in the right path. Books are boons which wouldn’t desert us at any critical stage of our life.  Yuvabharathi Public School has an efficient library that could hold hundred children at a time. There are varied type of books appropriate to age. Take a look at Infrastructure – Yuvabharathi to know more



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