Media and Children

Media takes a definite part in a student’s life. Media affects the children and directs the society in different ways. The child’s exposure should be guided by the age appropriate use of medias like television, Internet, Music and video games. Exposure to violence through media considerably improves the violent behavior of the children. Watching television curbs many physical activities of children like playing, spending time with family members, reading, learning some practical skills. Prolonged viewing television results in children imagining the television world as the real one and makes their intelligence passive.   

   It takes much of their precious time and pushes them into a trap of laziness along with physical problems like obesity and impaired sight. Internet contains a worldwide web of information which is both good and bad. Students should be trained about the right usage of internet and experts advice that internet connections at home should be in a central location instead of private place like bedrooms for common access.     
Yuvbharathi Public School conducts workshops from time to time to make awareness about the use of media. Take a look at cyber workshop with the theme of social media evils at