Changing paradigms…

Dear All,

We parents live in a transition phase of changing paradigms of parenting styles…more confused than an adolescent and more enthusiastic than a curious child…Gone are the days when we religiously followed our elders’ words verbatim. Kids these days dare to try and test anything under the sky and they are right most of the times. Thanks to knowledge explosion and the technology boom…

We are actually ardent learners who try to keep up with the pace of razor sharp minds of our kids, desperately updating ourselves to be tech-savvy. Schools too have undergone a sea change where teachers have become facilitators and the ambience of the school makes the children call it ‘second home’. Rightly put! School has understood its changing role and has transformed itself into a home away from home where not only knowledge is imparted but also holistic growth is ensured.

The point in question is whether the first school i.e. the home, has evolved concomitantly with the school? Do the parents second the policies or principles set by the school and make it a continuum at home? It is a point to ponder…Education does not stop with school but is reflected and fulfilled at home where the parents are the first teachers. Satisfaction of needs and interests alone does not fulfill one’s role as a parent. The changing times demand active parenting where one is expected to work in tandem with the school in which he/she has entrusted his/her child with. “Authoritarian” parenting is obsolete and “Authoritative” parenting is in. Needless to say, it is literally offensive to practise “indulgent” parenting style.

Sometimes, we are at loggerheads when opinion differences surface and this gives room for doubt and uncertainty in the child’s mind. When the rapport between the school and the home is at stake, I am sorry to register my conviction that nothing productive or substantial could be expected from a child. So, let us gear up to refresh our mindsets and hone our skills to take up new age parenting where we work hand in hand with policy makers at school. We must know where to draw a line, raise the bar and push the limits of our kids and for our kids!

Happy Parenting!!!img_0325


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