Yuvabharathi Public School affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education is a co-educational institution founded by the Bharat Educational Society (1972). The aim of this institution is to equip the child to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Yuvabharathi Public School is a co-education school founded by Bharat Educational society (1972), brought up to inspire learning with motivation free from stress. The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and prepares students right from KG to AISSE and AISSCE following the 10 +2 pattern of education.

The ultimate aim of education at Yuvabharathi Public School is to develop the students into cultured members of the society. It is of foremost importance that they equip themselves to fit into the world of tomorrow and take an active part in the betterment of the community. Our endeavour is to help the students in their vigorous pursuit of excellence in academics and sports.

Yuvabharathi is spread over a magnificent 20 acre campus of verdant splendour with school buildings, swimming pool, basketball court, volley ball courts, equestrian paddock, football ground and others. Quality education and staff empowerment has no compromise in Yuvabharathi. Staff training and orientation forms an integral part of grooming and motivation for the faculty members.

Yuvabharathi Public School has been designed to take into consideration not only academics but also artistic developments of the children population. To do away with rote and stereotype academic learning, we at Yuvabharathi Public School have adopted exacting standards in education with the support of multimedia, activity & project based learning as pivot of all our instructional strategies. To initiate inquiry and to ignite the mind’s eye for knowledge is what Yuvabharathi Public School strives to attain.


“To educate timeless principles and skills relevant to today’s global reality and face the challenges of tomorrow.”


“To inspire greatness in each and every child.”

Our Motto – Initiating Inquiry

“This signifies that we encourage children to ponder on all aspects that will shape them constructively.”




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