Sports and its importance in schools

Sports is a valuable part of student life that cultivates the valuable aspect fo sportsmanship in the young minds. The period of school study is the apt time which has both mental and physical growth. Competitions provide them a oppurtunity to face success and failure and helps them develop a balanced attitude between the two.

  It also cultivates good values like sacrifice, goodwill, team spirit, hard work and fosters good health. Playing games and practices give a good blood circulation and provides energy to players. Now-a days where education has become a competition in scoring marks, Sports is pushed an unnecessary activity that hinders study.
Yuvabharathi Public School takes care to provide considerable attention to Sports. There are special coaches for Basketball, Football and Cricket. Swimming is also taught in the school. Take a look at achievements of students in sports tournaments

Candle light bustle

We all must have heard of the idiom “apple of my eye”. Eye is so important out of all parts in our body since it is the only window to our outside world. It is the complete light to our world. No wonder it is important we take care of our eyes and donate it when our part in this world is done.
Yuvabharathi Public school conducted a “Candle Light Bustle” with candles indicating that eyes are the light to our world. Children participated in the event created a real-time awareness through the human chain.

Co- curricular activities in schools

Co curricular activities help students build some practical skills which mere syllabus fail to give. It also fosters good physical and mental health of the students. Competitions provide self-motivation and helps building leadership qualities. When spending time in a team, they tend to acquire team work attributes.

Yuvabharathi Public School, Coimbatore encourages wide array of activities comfortable for students to choose their interest. Competitions are conducted regularly and appropriate recognition is rendered for best performers.

Social Responsibility

We are primarily an integral part of the society we live in. It is essential that students have the social concerns and global consciousness. Developing the sensitivity to those who are in need, knowledge about the increasing social problems, participating and showing support towards social initiatives are some aspects of becoming socially aware.

      We – at Yuvabharathi Public School, Coimbatore – take an exclusive care to ensure that our students are conscious of what is public outside their comfort zone. Apart from the recognition of the social issues, they are encouraged to afford for an apt solution for it. We reach out to prepare socially responsible citizens.

Students’ inclination towards their school

A School’s success usually depends on the response of majority of students and the satisfactory change that parents can find from their children. There are many factors that influence the curiosity of the students’ learning.

We at Yuvabharathi Public School, Coimbatore take keen note of each requirements thereby bringing a pleasant atmosphere inside the campus.