Paper recycling unit at Yuvabharathi Public School.

The increasing pace of urbanization has resulted in ultimate depletion of natural resources. It is an absolute necessity for younger generation be aware of the fact and do some initiatives that would save the resources left. Yuvabharathi Public School has set up a paper recycling unit.



Students are interested in this project and actively participated in recycling of resources. They collected the segregated waste from the campus and used it to recycle. Vegetable waste and fruit peels were used as coloring agent to the mixture. Initially the pulp of the segregated waste and water is poured into the container. The mixture is strained, pressed with a wet cloth and dried and a new colorful paper is ready for a reuse.

Every creation, whether it be a recreation is valuable and the students felt the goodness of saving, recycling and proper usage of natural resources by this simple project.







Cyber Workshop in Yuvabharathi Public School, Coimbatore

Social media has evolved to be an ultimate necessity in present world. As a coin has two sides, so does every new invention has its own pros and cons. Students, unfortunately fall a victim to its evils. Though social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter has minimum age eligibility to register, it is not a difficult task for a student to form a fake id.

Students are attracted towards it’s simplified way of connecting to number of people at one point of time and spend time unnecessarily in the entertainment it provides. It is no less a time killer than Television. It is important parents are aware of the activities of their children.
Yuvabharathi Public school conducted a cyber workshop where the evils of social media were explained to the students by a resource person – Mr. Ravichandran (Cyber Crime). He is a member in Cyber society of India, also he is an advisor to Cyber Department of Police,Coimbatore. Such workshops definitely serve a eye-opening to the young minds.

Candle light bustle

We all must have heard of the idiom “apple of my eye”. Eye is so important out of all parts in our body since it is the only window to our outside world. It is the complete light to our world. No wonder it is important we take care of our eyes and donate it when our part in this world is done.
Yuvabharathi Public school conducted a “Candle Light Bustle” with candles indicating that eyes are the light to our world. Children participated in the event created a real-time awareness through the human chain.

Yuvabharathi Public School featured in ‘The Hindu’

Glad to share that we were featured in The Hindu Metroplus, Coimbatore dated 22nd Oct, 2013.The article applauds the Grandparents Day celebration held in our Yuvabharathi Public School, Coimbatore and the necessity of inculcating the habit of respecting elders in present ‘social fabric’. The article is named ‘Unspoken truth’ obviously denoting the unspoken words of the grandparents that filled the auditorium.