Get Rid of Your Stage Fright

Do you hear your heartbeat rising and feel your palms wetting and a strange knotting feeling inside your stomach whenever you address a handful of people? Whether ten or hundred, it is a much common thing that happens when there is a crowd to listen you. But overcoming this stage fear is an important step in your learning process. A confident and fluent speaker might have crossed this fear as well. Getting yourself used to crowds and their behaviour would definitely help you become a great public speaker.

Here are some easy ways that help students overcome stage fear:

  • Always take a chance to read or recite in the stage whenever you get a chance to do so. This practice would help you make yourself comfortable on stage
  • Be thoroughly prepared on the topic. The basic reason for fear is whether you will present your points clearly. When you get the subject inside out, nearly half of fear is reduced
  • Always think positive, rehearse number of times and imagine your success now and then
  • Drop your inhibitions and dare to do something out of your comfort zone

After all, remember everyone in the audience would also be fearful when asked to perform. Practice makes you perfect and cheerful speaker. The schools play a major role in training its students to be comfortable to speak publicly. Yuvabharathi Public School conducts a lot of activities that make students shed their stage fear. Apart from various club activities, the school conducts skits, speech and various other stage performances every week on a particular topic in the assembly each Monday. Take a look at the events of Yuvabharathi Public School @ Yuvabharathi Events



Effective Communication

Communication is a key to any relationship on earth, whether personal or corporate. An effective communicator is steadfast in his ideas and communicates clearly to the receiver. In addition to verbal communication, non-verbal communication is also crucial in communication process. Our body language and gestures have the power of reflecting our actual confidence level and sincerity.

Some vital points to be noted for typical performance before a group of audience are
Posture – The way of carrying ourselves matters. An erect posture would help you display confidence in tone and subject matter that is proposed.
Relaxed Gestures – Gestures are integral part of words spoken. Ensure free movement of hands and open up your thoughts in a more assuring way. Occupying more space and moving freely breaks the ice with the audience.
Eye Contact – Exhibiting proper eye contact is the basic necessity for any communication. If it is an audience group shift of eye contact from time to time covering everybody is the secret of trapping their attention.
Apart from these, speaking about genuine things and a personal agreement of the points presented gives an innate confidence and it would make our presentation more and more effective.

Paper recycling unit at Yuvabharathi Public School.

The increasing pace of urbanization has resulted in ultimate depletion of natural resources. It is an absolute necessity for younger generation be aware of the fact and do some initiatives that would save the resources left. Yuvabharathi Public School has set up a paper recycling unit.



Students are interested in this project and actively participated in recycling of resources. They collected the segregated waste from the campus and used it to recycle. Vegetable waste and fruit peels were used as coloring agent to the mixture. Initially the pulp of the segregated waste and water is poured into the container. The mixture is strained, pressed with a wet cloth and dried and a new colorful paper is ready for a reuse.

Every creation, whether it be a recreation is valuable and the students felt the goodness of saving, recycling and proper usage of natural resources by this simple project.






Pongal Celebrations

  On the eve of Pongal holidays, Yuvabharathi Public school celebrated Pongal festival at the school campus. The students carried out all necessary tasks with a bubbling enthusiasm. They drew kolams all around the ground and helped teachers in preparing for Pongal. A model hut was made with coconut leaves, and offerings was made to God with all ingredients a perfect pooja would have.


The celebrations also included old south Indian traditional games which the students enjoyed playing.





These adorable cultural celebrations make us remember our ancestors and their lifestyle 

Tribute to the Mathematical Legend

Today, December 22, is the 126th birth day of the peerless numerical  brilliant Srinivasa Ramanujan. On this day let us know the less-known fact that the native of this genius is Erode, the district near to Coimbatore. Also this day is declared as ‘National Mathematics Day’ by our honorable Prime Minister last year as an act of recognition for his contribution to the field of Mathematics.