Creativity – Part I

The assembly topic this week at Yuvabharathi Public School is “Creativity”. Creativity is the necessary attribute of any individual. Unfortunately, when the word is uttered it is taken as an aspect associated with the artists. The expression of creativity need not be necessarily art, one can exhibit creativity in every move of life .

The world always looks for something that is new. In the increasing era of need for innovative things, it is important that students get to know the actual implication of the word creativity.


Encouraging arts in schools.

Art is a special form of expression. Whether it be a painting, dance or a literary writing it definitely turns the minds of its creator towards creativity. Children naturally possess these talents and it is the role of schools to identify and nurture them. Yuvabharathi Public School, Coimbatore takes care not to ignore the artistic talents, instead it spots the skills and gives the students proper training. The co-curricular activities include dance, drama, music and theatre. Art and Craft is also encouraged. These are made a group events and all the Indian festivals are celebrated as the act of glorifying our tradition.
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