Encouraging arts in schools.

Art is a special form of expression. Whether it be a painting, dance or a literary writing it definitely turns the minds of its creator towards creativity. Children naturally possess these talents and it is the role of schools to identify and nurture them. Yuvabharathi Public School, Coimbatore takes care not to ignore the artistic talents, instead it spots the skills and gives the students proper training. The co-curricular activities include dance, drama, music and theatre. Art and Craft is also encouraged. These are made a group events and all the Indian festivals are celebrated as the act of glorifying our tradition.
Take a look at the School’s events and celebrations in www.yuvabharathi.in/events.html

Sports and its importance in schools

Sports is a valuable part of student life that cultivates the valuable aspect fo sportsmanship in the young minds. The period of school study is the apt time which has both mental and physical growth. Competitions provide them a oppurtunity to face success and failure and helps them develop a balanced attitude between the two.

  It also cultivates good values like sacrifice, goodwill, team spirit, hard work and fosters good health. Playing games and practices give a good blood circulation and provides energy to players. Now-a days where education has become a competition in scoring marks, Sports is pushed an unnecessary activity that hinders study.
Yuvabharathi Public School takes care to provide considerable attention to Sports. There are special coaches for Basketball, Football and Cricket. Swimming is also taught in the school. Take a look at achievements of students in sports tournaments http://www.yuvabharathi.in/achieve.php