Paper recycling unit at Yuvabharathi Public School.

The increasing pace of urbanization has resulted in ultimate depletion of natural resources. It is an absolute necessity for younger generation be aware of the fact and do some initiatives that would save the resources left. Yuvabharathi Public School has set up a paper recycling unit.



Students are interested in this project and actively participated in recycling of resources. They collected the segregated waste from the campus and used it to recycle. Vegetable waste and fruit peels were used as coloring agent to the mixture. Initially the pulp of the segregated waste and water is poured into the container. The mixture is strained, pressed with a wet cloth and dried and a new colorful paper is ready for a reuse.

Every creation, whether it be a recreation is valuable and the students felt the goodness of saving, recycling and proper usage of natural resources by this simple project.







It is a proud moment to share that Yuvabharathi Public School represented India in the World Robotic Olympiad held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Initially our students (S.Dhiram, C.Dheekshana and R.Sanjesh) won in the event held at New Delhi (Sep 15) with a model of robot with a theme – ‘Conservation of Western Ghats’. The Hindu featured it as an article
 The students took the advice and help from our Former President Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam in competing with other countries in World Robotic Olympiad.

Born to lead..

         Yuvabharathi Public School owes much to its visionaries and their unique philosophy in teaching. Thiru.R.S. Chinnasamy is the pillar to  Bharath Educational Society, his moral support and enterprising advises is the reason behind the success. Mrs. Jaya Chinnasamy is the expertise who dedicated her lifetime to the filed of education.  Her passion was the root of the Bharathi Educational institution. Her vision has resulted in Bharathi Rehabilitation center for the differently abled children.  Mr.C. Anand and Dr. Bhuvana Anand took their mission forward and Yuvabharathi Public School is the dream child nurtured by both. Take a look at for complete profile.

Standing Up With A Million Children – I

In day-to-day basis, we see a lot of children in rags playing and spending their time in mud. These children are deprived of education and other primary rights. Many times it happens we see them and pass silently without any consideration to their life.

  An effort called “Standing Up With A Million Children” by Shanthi Ashram focuses on the rights of these children with less privileged backgrounds. The initiative was also supported by many who made service their passion. This awareness program was held at PSG Public school grounds, Coimbatore.
Yuvabharathi Public School made an active participation in the event and enacted skits that explained the situation more clearly.

Sports and its importance in schools

Sports is a valuable part of student life that cultivates the valuable aspect fo sportsmanship in the young minds. The period of school study is the apt time which has both mental and physical growth. Competitions provide them a oppurtunity to face success and failure and helps them develop a balanced attitude between the two.

  It also cultivates good values like sacrifice, goodwill, team spirit, hard work and fosters good health. Playing games and practices give a good blood circulation and provides energy to players. Now-a days where education has become a competition in scoring marks, Sports is pushed an unnecessary activity that hinders study.
Yuvabharathi Public School takes care to provide considerable attention to Sports. There are special coaches for Basketball, Football and Cricket. Swimming is also taught in the school. Take a look at achievements of students in sports tournaments