It is a proud moment to share that Yuvabharathi Public School represented India in the World Robotic Olympiad held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Initially our students (S.Dhiram, C.Dheekshana and R.Sanjesh) won in the event held at New Delhi (Sep 15) with a model of robot with a theme – ‘Conservation of Western Ghats’. The Hindu featured it as an article
 The students took the advice and help from our Former President Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam in competing with other countries in World Robotic Olympiad.

Born to lead..

         Yuvabharathi Public School owes much to its visionaries and their unique philosophy in teaching. Thiru.R.S. Chinnasamy is the pillar to  Bharath Educational Society, his moral support and enterprising advises is the reason behind the success. Mrs. Jaya Chinnasamy is the expertise who dedicated her lifetime to the filed of education.  Her passion was the root of the Bharathi Educational institution. Her vision has resulted in Bharathi Rehabilitation center for the differently abled children.  Mr.C. Anand and Dr. Bhuvana Anand took their mission forward and Yuvabharathi Public School is the dream child nurtured by both. Take a look at for complete profile.

Importance of Library in Schools.

Library is an important resource that provides access to a lot of information and data to the students. It forms an important part of learning process that teaches a lot of things out of the curriculum. Children who read extensively have many ideas to share and discuss.

We, at Yuvabharathi Public School, strive to keep our students updated and current in their knowledge. There are about 20 periodicals and 6 dailies and thousands of books under various categories. Take a look at the details of our library @

Standing Up WIth A Million Children – III

Solutions so far 
Government of Tamil Nadu has made a lot of endeavours –
  • Making the primary and secondary education free for those below the poverty line.
  • These children are fed in schools
  • Clothes and study materials are provided.
  • Cycles are provided free of cost.
  • There are campaigns to control population.
  • Women are encouraged to form self-helping groups and work.
  • Professional courses in graduation are aided with educational loans and even made cost-free for the deserved.
Then in the concerned issue, what do we actually expect from the students? It is the awareness that students must gain – about the conditions in the society they live in. The lectures in class rooms do little to their understanding the soberness of the situation. It is the first hand knowledge that makes an eternal impact. When they gain a complete idea of the situation, they tend to think for further action of lending a helping hands to them.

Standing Up With A Million Children – II

The reasons behind the abandoned children 
The situation of abandoning children to roads happens out of poverty primarily and in fact the irresponsible parents. There are a lot of reasons behind burning poverty
  • Reluctance to work
  • Illiteracy
  • Lack of job opportunities due to industrialization
  • Population explosion
  • Country’s economic policies and so on.
All the social evils are interconnected to one another which forms the cause and effect of each other. Although many of the social problems are analysed by the politicians and other philanthropists, an ultimate solution is yet not possible.