Cultural concerns at Yuvabharathi Public School.

It is important the young minds are trained in international standards since they require technical skills to meet with the challenges of Twenty-first century. At the same time equally important is our understanding for our own culture and tradition. In this period of increasing inclination towards the Western culture, forthcoming generations should never miss to acquire the essence of social, political and cultural frame of our ancestors.

Yuvabharathi School makes it a point to make children recognise that they belong to a rich artistic tradition. Art and Craft, drama, music and the delight in celebrating Tamil festivals are greatly encouraged here.

Role of Schools

The aim of every education is to make a creator out of a crying child. Apart from imparting knowledge about calculations, science, history and languages it is a long process which ends in search for something specific in each child. The intellectual development and the curriculum go hand-in-hand in moulding the children. The basic curiosity about the intricate methods of the Nature around us is evoked in every child.

While in the fast-moving modern era, everything has become an established process. The assessment for the knowledge gain is considered primary and the group tend to work towards result rather than the mission. Inculcating arts and sports helps a child to look and relax out of their syllabus. The aesthetic sense is triggered which produces an effect according each one’s capacity.

A quest of knowing things, search for knowledge is made a habit in Yuvabharathi Public School, Coimbatore

From Theoretical to Practical..

                 To fair well in the current era of technology progression, the education system today needs the shift from mere memorization. Apart from acquiring theoretical knowledge in a particular concept, it is necessary today they require the knowledge of where and how to apply it. This absolute necessity is taken care by education system in many schools now-a-days.

In addition to the lessons taught, the students tend to get the knowledge of its application in everyday life. This helps them ponder on the possibilities of innovation and solutions to its questions. Twentieth century has brought many changes and new techniques in teaching. There are a lot of tools to attract students attention towards the concept. The following conditions influence a perfect teaching-learning process –

  • Good Classroom conditions
  • Involvement and the knowledge of the resource person
  • Importance of the concept
  • Method of teaching.

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